Saturday, April 27, 2013

TWD Darling: Julianne Hough

Hello My Loves,

I'm so excited to reveal my third ever TWD Darling - the beautiful, sassy, ubber talented Miss Julianne Hough. A couple of days ago I posted a process photo of this illustration to my Instagram and I was so amazed by the response. Apparently my absolute girl crush on Julianne is shared by many, many others.

My reason for selecting a TWD Darling is never the same. In this case I was completely transfixed with the style evolution of a formerly bedazzled professional dancer to a complete and utter fashion maven. After collecting photo after photo of Julianne's haircut for my own chop reference, my sheer affinity for her outfit ensembles was undeniable. PAINT HER!!

The deeper I dug, the more I discovered. She isn't just a wickedly dressed blonde bombshell. Dancer, actress, singer, spokesperson, AND shoe designer with e-tailer Sole Society, I'm honestly left wondering what doesn't this girl do? So apart from dreaming of hanging out with her in her closet one day, my only other wish would be that she sees this illustration and loves it. I'm on a mission to get it to her and hopefully (like Kelly Cutrone and Liz Cabral) I will!!

Who's style do you absolutely adore? Is there anyone TWD Darling worthy in your mind? Leave your answer in the comments section below and maybe they will end up illustrated here too.

Much love,

Meag xx

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