Thursday, April 18, 2013

Styling My Closet in Paris and London!

When it comes to haute properties, I love the hotels with fabulous closets. The Four Seasons George V, Paris has some of the most amazing closets that I've ever seen. In fact, the penthouse has a walk-in closet that was inspired by the luxury retailer, Hermes. 

In my beautiful suite, I enjoyed the walk-in closet so much that my friend, Fashion Designer Kate Mack and I decided to unpack my bags and style my closet with all of my clothes and shoes. It was so much fun! It made my suite come alive as soon as you enter the bedroom.

Styling your closet makes it easier to find what you need. It was also easier to pack since I could organize my luggage a lot quicker. Check out my closet below... 

I also brought my fashionable closet styling ideas to London... where I checked into the Four Seasons at Park Lane. Here's a look inside below...

When on vacation or holiday, do you style your closet? If you don't know how... here are my tips for styling a fabulous closet... organize according to what you plan to do for instance, day-time attire, night-time looks and outer wear should be hung in groups. You can also add a touch of class by strategically hanging tops or dresses that glitter with basic colors like solid black dresses or pants! And finally, organize accessories using shelves to locate everything that you need quickly. 

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