Saturday, April 13, 2013


What's in a haircut? Confidence, insecurity, a quest to be trend right, a desire for individualism, all of the above? Exactly two weeks ago I returned home to Toronto for the Easter Holiday and dared to neck...for the first years. I chopped off 6 inches back in December and decided to keep going, going, going, gone, up, up, up to my chin. And frankly, I haven't looked back (or down literally speaking).

For months now I've been watching, one by one, as my favorite models (Daria Werbowy, Karlie Kloss, Jessica Stam) went for the plunge or should I say chop. I observed with envy as they made the incredibly brave move to cut the security blanket from their heads. I salivated over February's fashion week street style shots; the inimitable Miroslava Duma racing between shows with the chicest of chic bobs. Finally I decided it was my time.

Hair throughout history has persisted as a symbol of femininity from Botticelli's Birth of Venus to Brooke Shields' Blue Lagoon. Cutting it off feels, simply put, liberating. I feel like I own my beauty more by redefining what is associated with being feminine. I can't help but notice how I appeal to different men with long hair than I do with short. I might even argue that the guy who approaches me with tresses to my chin seems to appreciate a little more just how strong willed I am.

In short (no pun intended) cutting ones hair is no laughing matter; because I happen to think there is a lot more in a haircut than meets the eye. Do you agree? Have any of you cut it all off recently? What possessed you to do so? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.

Much love,

Meag xx

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