Saturday, February 23, 2013

Material Girl

Good Evening Lovelies!!

Hope you've all been enjoying your weekends. I'm so elated that I had back to back drawing sessions this week (John Jay Cabuay at the Society of Illustrators Thursday night and Would You Rock This at the Ripley Grier Studios this afternoon). It feels so incredible to be drawing regularly again and today was just beyond.

Brandon Graham, of Would You Rock This, purchased these incredible props (Moet & Chandon bottles, Chanel N0 5, Coach purse etc) which elevated the experience to another level. You really had to think about the product, how to sell it, how to merchandise your own fashion illustration. The finished piece became a mini ad.

I have a few more drawings I'd like to post from today's session but right now the friends are calling and karaoke in Chinatown awaits. Jusqu'a demain.

Much love,

Meag xx

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