Sunday, February 10, 2013

Illustrating at Custo Barcelona Fall 2013 NY Fashion Week

Hi Friends! It's me, Meagan Morrison, at #MBFW

Custo Barcelona Runway Lights Down

Custo Barcelona Illustrations Drawn Fresh from the Runway!

Custo Barcelona Final Runway Walk

Girls Sitting Pretty in the #MBFW Tents

 Good Evening Lovers!!

I made it through NYFWeekend and I'm so proud that I managed to illustrate fresh drawings from every runway show I attended. Custo Barcelona this afternoon was hot, hot, hot, though it seems disagrees with me. Furs and sequins and minis and textures and layers plus a 'beauty meets beast' aesthetic was to die for. Also, sweet little bonus that they showed both men's and women's together. It made the show longer hence allowing the audience to savor the experience.

I stuck around the tents afterwards for a golden opportunity to illustrate the fashion pack. As luck would have it, I ended up sitting near the lovely Rachel and Liz of and who politely asked to photograph me while illustrating. They were so sweet and enthusiastic about my work it made me all the more excited to be drawing from the lively environment. My goal for next Fashion Week is definitely to get backstage to illustrate precious prep time.

Well babes, once again it's time for SLEEP. Tomorrow I'm slammed with back to back design meetings and I have three days to turn over my illustrations to Would You Rock This from today's show. Wish me luck.

Much love,

Meag xx

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