Friday, June 21, 2013

The Mount Nevis Hotel's Haute View!

Solitude is sometimes elusive unless you journey to a place where it captures the essence of peace and serenity. On my recent trip to Nevis, West Indies, I was introduced to a place that harmonizes with the landscape and energy of the Caribbean Sea.

The Mount Nevis Hotel sits on 17 acres of the Roundhill Estate, back in the 1800s it was a lime plantation. Although, it’s not where you would typically find a Haute Travels girl, it is a place to reconnect with your soul. There’s nothing glamorous about the property, it’s simple, tropical and serene just what soul searchers dream about. The intimacy allows for a bit if introspection, while you enjoy stunning views of Nevis and nearby St. Kitts. Each day during sunrise, I sat on the balcony to meditate taking in the magic surrounding me. In my opinion, the views from The Mount Nevis Hotel are a force to be reckoned with… it just may have the most amazing views of the Nevis peak and surrounding sea than any other place on the island.

The owners of the property abandoned their life in Tarrytown, New York for the peacefulness of the Caribbean about 23 years ago. And as fate would have it, they fell in love with the view. I suppose in many ways, they are no different than a Haute Travels girl in search of solitude away from city life and the crowds. There are amazing five star resorts and then there are small, intimate properties that offer something that money can’t buy—a soul renewed.

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