Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Club Med's Haute Luxury and Spa Resorts!

While I’m daydreaming about a vacation in the Maldives, I ran across the Club Med site. The all-inclusive vacations club has been around since the 1950’s! Although, the club offers five styles of holiday, I prefer their luxury offerings and spa resorts.

Since Club Med is all about relaxation, while mixing cross-social boundaries to offer a variety of activities and sports, I’m thinking that a luxury spa trip to an island paradise like nothing that I’ve ever experienced may be in order. Every Haute Travels girl wants tailor-made services to fit her every need, including, private transfers, pools and exotic beaches… and you may as well throw in a glass of Champagne to toast!

A private island paradise surrounded by gorgeous turquoise water and cottages on stilts overlooking the sea is perfect for me. I could even take a bubble bath surrounded by crystal clear water from my own bungalow over the Indian Ocean at Club Med’s Kani Resort in the Maldives. The all-inclusive vacation concept has never been better. Just the thought of sitting back and taking in breath-taking views from my private abode while every desire has already been met is haute! Awwh, it’s time to start planning the vacation of a lifetime. I think that I’ll start in the Maldives.

But if you prefer all inclusive European vacations with Club Med, visit Club Med.

Where would you like to go on an all-inclusive holiday?

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