Sunday, May 19, 2013

Illustrated Packing List: Greek Island Hopping

Hello, Hello, Hello My Loves!!

I'm so excited to be back on TWD to reveal my Greek Island packing essentials!! This Friday May 24th I will be embarking on the adventure of a lifetime, leaving all the stresses of New York City behind ahhhh. I can already feel that Mediterranean sunshine permeating my skin. That reminds me...I still need to buy SPF 100 lotion because right now I'm grossly Snow White. Anyway, it seems that this trip's packing list is all about statement accessories. Truthfully, bohemian white maxi dresses just aren't that fun to draw ;). Starting from the top left:

I fell absolutely in love with this season's prints and pop color accents like chartreuse, coral, and tangerine. I'm having visions of Santorini's aqua blue waters as the backdrop to my saturated colored ensembles. The outfits make the trip don't they?! How are you all spending your Memorial Day holiday? Have any of you been to the Greek Islands? If so leave your suggestions below.

Much love,

Meag xx

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